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Pee-d in the Cemetery

Okay, so when I was in college, we had a party and we had to take a bus to get to it.

And right when we pulled off campus, the bus broke down or something happened to it.

I don't know, it was a long time ago...

And you have a bunch of college-aged kids who've been getting ready to go to a party and drinking and they all of a sudden need to, you guessed it - use the bathroom.

So, there's nowhere to go (this isn't funny)... there's nowhere to go, and no one's thinking clearly, and a lot of people went to the nearest... sort of open but hidden area, which was a cemetery.

That you can see from the road but if you hide behind a tombstone, you probably can't see from the road - and a bunch of people "pee-d" in the cemetery.

And it got reported and it came back on us a little bit.

And I, I won't say I pee-d on a grave (no one was trying to desecrate a grave)... I won't say I did it and I won't say I didn't - because, honestly, I don't even remember.

I think I pee-d by a tree, but a lot of my friends did and it was really embarrassing and I regret it.

I'm sorry - bye! Anonymous

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